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About us

About me


Hi my name is Nigel and I live with my wife Julie in the sunny Tasman District, just out of Nelson, South Island, New Zealand. In a previous life I was a burned out insurance worker, a job which I endured for 28 years. In 2015, I finally found the courage to quit the corporate life and blew up my bridges so there was no way back.

The Business: 

Although I had no woodworking experience I knew what I wanted to do and I created Wood u Like, a tiny home based business where I could design and and make the things I like out of New Zealand's beautiful timber resources.


My products:

From the outset my focus was on sustainability, waste minimisation and recycling. In terms of products I wanted to make useful items that were also unique, durable, ergonomic, and beautiful to behold. It was a steep learning curve! I have chosen to name my stirrers after New Zealand native birds. 


Progress to date: 

Five years on and I am now comfortable calling myself a woodworker ! During these years I have practised my craft and developed a very large range of products which I have sold through my only outlet, the famous Nelson Market.  The range has expanded from wooden spoons and stirrers, to include items such as serving boards, nutcrackers, pens, bottle openers, salad servers - the list goes on !

The Future:  

I love being a one man business and hand making wood products for a living. I can't make large quantities of them because I only have one set of hands, but I hope that you will take the time to have a look at what I make, ask me any questions you have (I am also the marketing department!) and hopefully purchase some items for you or your friends.