Hi wonderful customers ! The summer rush is over so stock levels are up (for a short while). If you are heading overseas and want to take handmade, beautiful NZ timber products with you, this is the website for you !!!!!




Q:  I keep checking the website and it shows what I'm after is out of stock. Don't you ever update your stock levels ? 

A: My primary outlet is the Nelson Market so stock is continually turning over there and the website doesn't always reflect the actual stock situation. I don't advertise the website for this reason as I can't guarantee all stock is available all of the time. If you see something you like, and it shows as being out of stock, just email me and I'll make you one - simple as that.  

Q: I would like to buy a single small item and shipping shows as $8 ($12.00) for rural delivery) and I think this is a little steep, can you reduce the shipping ?

A: As an actual fact I may be able to. It's pretty well impossible to have separate shipping rates for every item I make, so I've just taken the middle ground that covers most orders. If you are buying a small item or items just click "Pick up" at the checkout (which is free) and we can work out the shipping manually afterwards.

Q: Do you do gift-wrapping of your packages ? 

A: No way  :  )  I'm horrified at the amount of frankly wasteful, expensive and unnecessary gift wrapping/boxing that goes on. The products you order from me will be wrapped in corrugated cardboard (to keep them safe) taped up with paper tape and sent in a recyclable bag. I'm not expecting any beauty awards for my packaging but the products will get to you safe and sound.  

 Q: Can I customise any of the items I see on the website ? 

A: Yes you can, if you are patient ! If you don't want Paua inserted or the name of the wood written on a spoon then yes, if you give me some heads up time, then I'll be happy to help.  


 Q: Do you ship to countries outside New Zealand ?

A:   No, sorry I don't. It's just too expensive and difficult.  


 Q: Can I visit your business premises to purchase items in New Zealand ?

A:  Yes you can ! I have a small showroom in my workshop at Eban Road and if you text, call or email me prior to coming out then I'll have time to get rid of the dust bunnies and welcome you in.  


Q:  Do you operate your business sustainably ? 

 A:   I'm of the opinion that all of us can always do better but here's what I do right now:  

- Most of the timber I use is recycled or upcycled. 

- I don't cut down trees because I love them and I don't need to.

- I frequently rescue timber from firewood piles !

- Any sawdust I generate goes to my neighbours chicken coop.

- Any wood offcuts left over go to a lovely neighbour who lives in a tiny house        with a very small wood-burner.


Q:  Do you make the products yourself and are they hand-made ? 

A: Yes and YesI have no employees and only two hands that work really hard to make beautiful things for you. As well as the maker, I'm also in charge of product design, marketing, transportation, HR, complaints, H & S and making the coffee !

Q: Do you do wholesale orders for retailers ? 

A: Nope. My products reach my customers directly from me, not through any middle people. This means you are assured of the best price available and full support directly from me in the unlikely event anything goes wrong with your Wood u Like products.