Free shipping on orders over $100 !


Q: I would like to buy a single small item and shipping shows as $6 ($9.00) for rural delivery) and I think this is a little steep, can you reduce the shipping ?

A: Yes !  Just click "Pick up" at the checkout (which is free) and we can work out the shipping manually afterwards.


 Q: Can I customise any of the items I see on the website ? 

A: Yes you can, if you are patient ! If you don't want Paua inserted or the name of the wood written on a spoon or you want a bottle opener made in a certain type of timber (as examples), then Yes, if you give me some heads up time, then I'll be happy to help.  


 Q: Do you ship to countries outside New Zealand ?

A:   Yes I do ! Simply email, text or phone me to let me know what you would like to buy and I'll find out the best shipping method and rate for you. 


 Q: Can I visit your business premises to purchase items in New Zealand ?

A:  Yes you can ! I'm in the process of setting up a showroom in my workshop but in the meantime, if you give me a call or text then I'll be happy to set up a visit for you. 


Q:  Do you operate your business sustainably ? 

 A:   I'm of the opinion that all of us can always do better but here's what I do right now:  

- Most of the timber I use is recycled or upcycled

- I don't cut down trees because I love them and I don't need to.

- I frequently rescue timber from firewood piles !

- Any sawdust I generate goes to my neighbours chicken coops

- Any wood offcuts left over go to a lovely neighbour who lives in a tiny house with a very small wood-burner


Q:  Do you make the products yourself and are they hand-made ? 

A:  Yes, yes, yes ! I have no employees and only two hands that work really hard to make beautiful things for you. As well as the maker, I'm also in charge of product design, marketing, transportation, HR, complaints, H & S and making the coffee !