Happy New Year wonderful customers. Thank you for all of your support in 2023. Due to unprecedented demand at my only other outlet, the Nelson Market, some stock levels are getting very low so there may be small delays while I get your orders finalised (In other words while I run out to the shed to make your beautiful items ! ). As always if you have any questions or need any help, just drop me a line - I always love to hear from my customers : )

Your favourite things brought back to life

Recently a lovely customer called Sandy contacted me about a stuff up I had made with her order. I resolved that lickety split but then we got to talking about stirrers or to be more exact, stirrers that I did not have on my website.  

It turns out that some time ago Sandy bought a couple of little stirrers from me at the Mapua Fair and as she loved the design she wondered if she could buy some more ?

I must confess here and now that I have literally hundreds of stirrer designs/templates and for reasons of sanity (mine!) I have only a small selection listed on this website. I have many more of these designs available at my Market stall but usually they are bunged in a large tin and it's a hide and seek game for customers to find the one they like.  

As it happens I sat on the floor of my (dusty) workshop and pawed through a huge pile of stirrer templates - and failed to find Sandy's favourite!

This high-lighted an issue, that just like the dinosaurs, it's entirely possibly (quite likely actually) that some of my stirrer designs (and other peoples), can become extinct! 

I'd love to say that I guard my intellectual property (designs) like a hawk, but meh, that really doesn't happen. If a stirrer is really popular, it tends to sell out, I then forget to make any more - and just like our dino friends, another stirrer heads down the road to extinction! 

Now in Sandy's case I was determined for this not to occur so I obtained from her photographs, measurements, DNA samples and any other information she could give so that I could, (like a mad scientist), bring her little fave back from the dead.  

Long story short, Sandy now has some more of her favourite stirrers to use and gift to her family and I have a resurrected product line that will probably be loved by many other customers. 

To immortalise the event I named the new product 'Sandy's stirrer' and I have started a new collection called 'Customer Favourites' which is where this little stirrer now resides.  

 So, if you have a stirrer on it's last legs or it was last seen spinning down into the bowels of the waste disposer, do not fear! Regardless of whether it is listed on my website I can recreate it for you in all it's original glory. What's more you can even modify it if you want to truly want to exercise those pent up design skills. 

Who knows, I may even name it after you and you will be forever immortalised in stirrer form - just like Sandy. 

:  )